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Custom Brunswick GC Sub Rail Extentions.

        Custom Felt, Standard Felt,Professional Felt

  We can customize your Brunswick Gold Crown pool table with either 4 inch Pockets or 4 1/4 inch pockets by extending the sub rail. All custom sub rail extentions come with top of the line Simonis cloth and Brunswick Super Speed Cushions.

 We move and relocate pool tables all over southern california. We completely disassemble your table by taking the rails off first, then the felt, and finally the slates and rebuild the table at your new location.  When setting your table back up we use a top of the line machinist level to ensure your table is set up properly and level.

 We can do custom team logos and more.. We also can re-felt your table in a standard grade felt which is a wool blend 75/25 wool/nylon and a professional grade cloth which is a worsted cloth 70/30 wool/nylon. Simonis, Championship Tour Edition also available.

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